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Top quality moon cakes!!
Sept 18, 2023
Top quality moon cakes!! Just received six boxes today right in time for the moon festival 😁
- Eugene Cheung
They are quite impressed.
Sept 5, 2023
My aunty from the states was here. I gave her 1 box of white lotus, no eggs to take back. Her husband and her finished the box in 2 days. Their comment was "the Red Jade mooncakes from Melbourne were so moist, fresh, and just right in sweetness. So far the cakes they have bought in the States do not match!. The box and bags are also so pretty". They are quite impressed.
- Trang Le
I received my orders yesterday and try today.
Aug 25, 2023
It is very delicious. Traditionally moon cake are very greasy and sweet. But yours not greasy and sweet. The pastry outside just perfect and the pasta inside not sweet and feel greasy.
- Edward Pao
So yummy!
Aug 19, 2023
So yummy ,all tast good, nice and yums😋 🥰👌
- Nikki Tuyen
Can’t wait to try!
Aug 12, 2023
I just bought from you! Can’t wait to try and maybe get more !
- icebaby2202
Everything ❤️
July 30, 2023
Everything ❤️
- lourdesroquehilario
Love the “royale mini”
July 14, 2023
Love the “royale mini”. Tastes very smooth and full of flavours. 😋
- Mabel Pok
Lovely moon cakes!
June 23, 2023
Lovely moon cakes! My family is enjoying them daily since the delivery arrived. Tried most of the flavours and they were just as nice, smooth & moist and not too sweet. 😋
- Mabel Pok
All delivered 😊😋🙏
June 02, 2023
Thank you for my stock of mooncakes 🥮🥮 All delivered 😊😋🙏
- krystelchin
Fast Delivery, Great Service
Aug 26, 2022
Just received my mooncake order. fast delivery, great service. and oh so delicious. highly recommend this company.
- Charmaine Miles
I love your cake a lot !!!
Aug 25, 2022
RedJade Online - Order #4363
Oh thank you so muchhh !!! I received the package today !!! I love your cake a lot 🥰
- hientrang nguyen
Friendly Customer Service
Aug 21, 2022
Very friendly customer service. The moon cakes taste freshly made and very nice, especially the thin outer pastry layer. Delivery was prompt. Keep up with good work! Anyone who loves moon cakes, we would highly recommend Red Jade!
- Liz Huynh
Don't keep it to yourself!
Aug 9, 2022
Red Jade Online Store
Thank you for my most amazing delivery of beautiful delicious items 😊🙏
- Simone Jiggens-Anderson
Mung Bean and Pandan Mini Moon Cake
Aug 09, 2022
I ordered mung bean and Pandan mini moon cake on the 4/8 n received it today (9/8) both the mini moon cakes are really fresh n very delicious. Thank u Lawrence for the prompt response n delivery of the order... excellent service n quality of cakes...diana
- Diana Philips
Rin on Mini Moon Cakes - Envy
Aug 09, 2022
Everyone's favourite of all the flavours!
Great Fresh Mooncakes
Pek on Mix Nuts & Seeds
Aug 09, 2022
Red Jade makes nice and delicious mooncakes. Have tried almost all the flavours and they are all nice. My favourite is the taro mooncake. They all have their distinctive taste and not too sweet, best of all they are freshly made in Victoria.
Beautiful red bean mini mooncakes
U Lais on Mini Moon Cakes - Red Bean
Aug 08, 2022
They are very nice and not too sweet... everyone likes it at home. Have to order for second time :)
Best Matcha Moon Cake
Yvonne on Mini Moon Cakes - Matcha
Sep 30, 2021
Mooncakes have strong matcha flavour and taste delicious !
Gloria Perkovic on Mini Moon Cakes - Pandan
Sep 20, 2021
Beautifully made, carefully packed and delicious to eat!
Haireena on White Lotus
Sep 15, 2021
Premium as it name, taste of authenticity. Best goes with a cup of good tea!
Haireena on Mini Moon Cakes - Black Sesame
Sep 15, 2021
Another all time favorite, just have to purchase double volume as it will dissapear from the table in the sec. cheers!
Matcha Fever!!
Haireena on Mini Moon Cakes - Matcha
Sep 15, 2021
Beautiful tasty mini moocake in right size wrapped in gratifyingly thin, glossy pastry. 5 stars customer services and fast delivery. High recommended.
Taste of ROYALE
Haireena on Mini Moon Cakes - Royale
Sep 15, 2021
One of the all time favourite, its yam and definitely YUMMY!!
Best Mung Bean Mooncake!
Haireena on Mung Bean
Sep 15, 2021
Mung bean paste filling is not too sweet, its really lovely and smooth, and the salted egg yolks are moist. Love it!
Gee Lim on Durian
Sep 11, 2021
Sheer delight and tastiness with every bite!
Delicious is the word
Ingrid on White Lotus
Sep 03, 2021
The texture and taste of this Mooncake is 10 out of 10.
Taste sensational
Ingrid on Pandan
Sep 03, 2021
Best ever Mooncake Australian made.
Red Jade Mung Bean Moon Cake
Celina on Mung Bean
Sep 01, 2021
Beautiful cakes. Fast delivery! Great customer service! Very happy to recommend to anyone I know.
Delicious mooncakes and great customer service!
Christine on Mini Moon Cakes - White Lotus
Sep 01, 2021
I bought several types of Mooncakes but have only opened and tried the White Lotus so far. Loving the mini Mooncakes, as they're the perfect bite sized treat and taste great. Not sure how I'm going to hold off from opening and eating the other mooncakes before mid-Autumn Festival! I always wanted to call out how helpful the customer service is. After I put my order in, I realised I ordered one of the wrong flavours, and emailed to see if I could get it switched out. Lawrence was very helpful and able to adjust my order so that I got what I wanted. He was super quick to respond, and I received my delivery within 2 business days of placing my order. Very happy to have found such a great online store!
Maria on Mini Moon Cakes - Matcha
Aug 26, 2021
Not only these mini-mooncakes are beautifully crafted, they taste amazing! Thank you for the delectable treats that is a godsend during this lockdown period! Super efficient delivery.
Yum yum 😋
Christina on Mini Moon Cakes - Royale
Aug 21, 2021
Red Jade, you've done again. Fast fast delivery. I have just received my second order which was placed on Thursday afternoon. OMG, they are yummy, my 4 children's favourite is the royale hence me ordering more lots and in fact they love all of the ones I have purchased. One minor critic from my children is that they wish the Royale is in a normal size not just in mini 🤣 Thank you Red Jade team for the fast and great service and the yummy mooncakes.
Caring Seller
Shirley on Mini Moon Cakes - White Lotus
Aug 14, 2021
Lawrence was very kind and help whilst our order wasn't delivered to the right address caused by the courier company, he called twice to comfort me and confirm the delivery will be made. Upon receiving my order, I can't wait to taste it, and before tasting the mooncake, I see their caring for their customers by the packages, without fail, the mooncake(white lotus)tasted fresh and great. To the owner-Lawrence, thank you for providing great customer service as well as your great product.